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What's Been Said...
“I feel happy to work with the Franciscans. They give me an opportunity to help the residents in a special way.”
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Our Associates are Important Partners in our Ministry of Care

Partners in Delivery
Our values serve as the guide for how we treat our associates. We're responsible for providing a thriving work environment where our associates receive the care and support they require.

We encourage an open work environment in which ideas and contributions can be shared and valued honestly. A team approach to providing our programs and services is required for excellence. Ultimately, it is understood that only with the commitment of one another in delivery of services can we achieve success. As such, we are partners in the delivery of our services.

We openly communicate with our associates through staff, departmental and personalized approaches. Our monthly Stitch of News ensures information is received timely.

We are committed to giving back to our associates for the work they do every day. Our comprehensive benefit plan includes medical, dental, vision, life and long-term disability insurance, as well as optional dependent life insurance and short-term disability. We also make an effort to accommodate a balance between work and home life by offering flexible schedules, shift differentials, paid time off during first year of employment and child care referral and discount services.

We know how important it can be to prepare for the future. We help our associates in that regard by providing a comprehensive retirement savings plan. We also have a tax-advantaged savings plan that encourages associates to begin saving for the college education of their children. Associates can also benefit from our savings bond program and credit union.

Our organization values wellness and it extends to the well being of our associates who are rewarded with free annual influenza shots, health club discounts and a comprehensive wellness program. Our employee assistance program (EAP) helps identify and resolve personal concerns such as health, family, financial, substance abuse, legal, stress and others that may be affecting job performance and personal well being. The program is provided free to our associates and their family members.

We also offer our associates a unique program, which enables them to help their fellow associates in need. Our Helping Hands program was started in 2004, and allows associates to donate in a variety of ways to help other associates during times of financial need, crisis and other catastrophic events. In five short years, hundreds of Helping Hands awards have been granted to associates in need, totaling more than $163,000.

One of the many ways we fund our Helping Hands program is through our SCRIP program. SCRIP is a fundraising program that works while you shop.

SCRIP is gift cards/certificates from national and local retailers. They're the same gift cards/certificates that you buy at the store. The SCRIP participating retailers agree to sell gift cards/certificates to our organization at a discount. Associates buy the cards/certificates for full face value, they redeem them for full face value, and the Helping Hands Program keeps the difference as revenue.

By putting your regular household shopping dollars to work. You earn money for the Helping Hands Program without spending a single additional penny, which in turn helps your fellow associates.

Career Development
We offer associates a wealth of programs to ensure they can continue to fuel their passion and develop their talent through an assortment of educational opportunities.

Associates are able to continue their education externally with scholarships and tuition reimbursement. Internally, the Franciscan organization continues to find new and sophisticated ways of providing diverse educational programming. Personalized education programs are offered for those who do not have Internet access, as well as online.

Associates are recognized in a variety of ways for their contributions. They can be recognized in the You Make The Difference program for actions and behaviors that demonstrate and embrace Franciscan behaviors. An annual service award luncheon is hosted to honor associates for years of service to the organization.

Personal development and acclimation within the organization are fostered through a number of different retreats and orientations. During orientation, associates are effectively integrated into their community and our ministry, which ultimately helps in retaining, motivating and partnering with them on advancing our Mission.

Peer Mentoring
We know how important it is to build strong, cohesive teams that continue the mission of Mother Mary Theresa Dudzik. To ensure the success of our new associates, many associates are enjoying the opportunity to support their colleagues in their professional growth and development through peer mentoring. Associates work with one another and the benefits generally assist both the mentor and the new associate. The mentor improves the quality of the new associate's on-the-job training and allows the transfer of knowledge and duties to occur smoothly and efficiently.


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